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Filler Lips Treatment - Rosabelle Clinic

Filler Lips can add volume to your lips 

Filler is a safe and leading filler substance for enhancing the lips. It helps increase the volume of the lip tissue, giving the lips a fuller and more defined appearance.

1. Cherry KYSSE
Korean look Lips proportion 1:1.5
Heavy lower lip like cherry
Make upper lip more projection and create 1 tubercle of midline
Elevate angle of mouth

2. Classy KYSSE
Lip correction, rejuvenation and reduce fine line
Natural look result, remain original shape (proportion 1:1.5)

3. Sexy KYSSE
Western look
Lips proportion 1:1
Full lip volumizing and heavy lower lip make lip stand out
Sexy and plump lips

The post-lip filler injection guidelines 

1. Avoid touching or pressing the injected area at least 24 hours after the lip filler procedure.

2. Avoid consuming hot or cold foods and beverages excessively for 24-48 hours after the injection.

3. Drink water 2-3 liter per day

4. Do not Laser lips at least 4 weeks after the injection.

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